How Much Does a Pool Cost in Atlanta?

Enjoy an Affordable Pool from Anthony & Sylvan in Atlanta, GA

If the cost of a new pool is holding you back, talk to the experts at Anthony & Sylvan. For over 75 years, we’ve been helping homeowners get budget-friendly pool and spa solutions. A new pool doesn’t have to break the bank, so reach out and let us tell you more about our affordable options!

How Much Does a New Pool Cost in Atlanta?

A new Atlanta pool may not cost nearly as much as you think. In fact, many factors contribute to the overall cost of a new pool installation, including:

We install concrete and fiberglass pools, which are fairly similar as far as price is concerned. Of course, if you decide to upgrade your new pool with an interior finish, rock water features, colored LED lighting, or some other customized element, your material costs will likely increase.

The bigger the pool, the higher the cost. More size and depth will add to the price tag, as more materials will need to be used to complete the project.

Starting with a relatively flat site can help minimize costs on the front end of your pool installation, but if your site will require a lot of excavating and prep work to get it ready for construction, the cost of your project will increase.

Any extras you want will cost more. For example, if you want to elevate your pool experience with a vanishing edge or a sunken barbeque pit, your costs will increase.

Your new pool can cost as little or as much as you want, and the Anthony & Sylvan experts are ready to work with your budget and style to customize a pool that works for you. But regardless of whether your pool costs a lot or a little, you can count on the highest quality service from our team. We want you to love your new pool, and we’ll work our hardest to give you beautiful, affordable results that exceed expectations!

Competitive Financing for Your New Pool

Anthony & Sylvan can install a pool costing less than $45,000 or costing well over $100,000. The price tag on your pool project can vary widely based on many factors, but regardless of your budget, we offer competitive financing options to make your dream of owning a new pool a reality.

We partner with several trusted lenders to offer unsecured pool loans to our valued Atlanta customers. With our financing, you can also count on:

We want to get you one step closer to your perfect new pool, and with our versatile financing solutions, we can.

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